Spray Foam

- Degradation of your cold storage?.
- Cold storage of heat absorbed?.
- You have to burden the cost of power consumption for cold storage?
- Your refrigeration equipment running 24/24 at full capacity, but not effective due to heat loss of cold air?

By Spray Foam reprocessing method: fast, compact, low cost, high efficiency. We will be effective immediately for your cold storage. Spray foam (Spray phoam) is insulation technology is done by spraying insulation Polyurethane (PU) directly onto the surface to be insulated with density 35kh / , thickness according to customer's requirements, the outside insulation can be wrapped plated steel sheet or stainless steel.



- Prolong the use life.
- Not have to be removed, relocated to another position.
- Not affect the current production line.
- Highly effective, reducing costs of production costs.
- Reduce power consumption by over 15% compared with the old capacity.
- Construction safety, construction time is shortened.
- Solid structure, suitable for large works, long life
With these superior features, Spray Foam definitely will be effective economical solutions for your budget

Spray foam technology is now widely used in:

Construction of cold storage insulation directly (PU spray on walls and ceiling) with a very large capacity from 500 ÷ 1,000 tons of

altDirectly to the type of roof insulation, ceiling


Insulation of cold pipes, storage tanks, silos, cold container



Cold storage compartment on the train


  • Sound recording studios, bars, discos, karaoke
  • Upgrade and extend the life of existing cold storage has been degraded, absorbed heat

In particular, spray foam technology is increasingly common use in insulating shell of transport ships and offshore fishing with outstanding advantage is to save a lot of fuel by not having to transport water rocks preserved seafood during capture and transport to shore

Spray foam used in shipbuilding